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Sept. 9, 2020

Alex Villacorta - Biggest Challenges Facing Proptech

Alex Villacorta - Biggest Challenges Facing Proptech

Alex Villacorta is a pragmatic and enterprising Data Scientist with a diverse business and analytics catalog, delivering industry-validated analytical products through proven executive leadership. Engineer of advanced statistical models in both design and production implementation, attaining key intellectual property and multimillion-dollar contracts. Housing industry expert regularly cited in tier one media outlets for predictive housing analytics. He is an expert statistician and business executive combining over 10 years of statistical analysis in both consumer and business analytics with extensive board room communication experience. 

00:43 Who is Alex Villacorta

01:40 How do you define Proptech

03:13 How things have changed in history

04:17 What is Proptech's biggest challenges?

05:41 Reason Proptech is so important today

08:52 The driving forces of shelter and safety

09:53 The ultimate vision

12:18 The vilification of models

14:00 Differentiating one's self from the fray

17:12 The tale of two cities

19:59 How covid changes our view of the work environment

24:36 Will people go back to their childhood communities?

27:42 American cities changing during Covid-19

30:17 Sharing homes - the new trends for multi-family and single-family dwellings

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