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Sept. 23, 2020

Wendy Gilch - No Free Lunch. A Journey to Customer Advocacy in PropTech

Wendy Gilch - No Free Lunch. A Journey to Customer Advocacy in PropTech

Today's guest on Proptech Espresso is Wendy Gilch. Wendy is the CEO and Founder of Selling Later; an ally for consumers that let’s future home sellers and home buyers connect in advance.  In addition to giving time back to consumers, Selling Later also peels back the layers of secrecy within the industry by educating consumers on the selling/buying process.   Their unbiased platform creates a safe place for consumers to connect, without selling member information or participating in referrals programs.   They believe that referral companies work against consumers and agents, and instead allow direct connections between future buyers and sellers. Their mission is to be a trusted ally for consumers by giving them time and transparency in real estate, while also supporting nonprofits.

Wendy is a graduate of Slippery Rock University (yes, it does exist) and currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and two kids (three if you count their dog).  She believes that a successful founder focuses on solving a problem and supporting those that are making a difference in small communities.


01:29 How is Proptech Defined

02:36 Why is Proptech still unknown?

04:07 What was compelling about becoming an entrepreneur

05:38 Challenges in selling real estate

08:18 A fear of missing out

11:19 How do you know if you have the best agent

14:54 How different groups are monetizing proptech

17:15 Real estate is such an asset class - with money to be made

19:45 Consumers are missing valuable allies

23:04 Determining who and what gets funded

27:23 The race to see who gets there first

30:44 How do we empower home buyers and home sellers

Proptech Espresso is brought to you by host Mark Hurst, owner and operator of HurstX Solutions. 

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