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Jan. 4, 2023

Jason Lewris - Building A Global Real Estate Investment & Data Company

Jason Lewris - Building A Global Real Estate Investment & Data Company

How can passion projects outside of work and school accelerate learning a new skill? In what ways do government regulations create so many complex challenges for businesses? Why isn't there more effort to invest in regulation reconciliation to alleviate inconsistencies? How has Microsoft leveraged natural language processing techniques and its global data sets to address hyper local and domain specific problems? What is the compelling reason to index every residential property in the world? Why is getting accurate residential real estate data a challenge and how does it differ between the US and other countries? How does reporting data lag contribute to the challenges of providing accurate and specific information real estate reporting? Where are there opportunities for deep learning to help overcome some of the real estate information gaps that we have globally? Why did Parcl choose to build its marketplace platform on web3 blockchain technology? In what ways can web3 technology improve the customer experience? How can computer vision augment the information set for global residential real estate data?

Jason Lewris - co-founder of Parcl and Parcl Labs, joins Proptech Espresso to answer these questions and discuss how his discovery of analytics and coding during his MBA program led to a career pivot away from business to the emerging discipline of data science and the future opportunities around leveraging machine learning architectures to solve complex data problems. 

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